About Valdez

Experience the Power of Together

At Valdez, our strong dual language program helps students of all backgrounds realize their full potential by becoming bilingual and bi-literate in English and Spanish, exploring and celebrating diverse cultures and heritage, and learning to be critical thinkers in all academic areas. We provide content in English and Spanish for all students, regardless of native language, every day and in all grades.

Dual Language Immersion: We are dedicated to closing the achievement gap and increasing equity through an authentic, research-based education where students are successful in two languages. Our students will enhance their communication skills and cultural understanding so they can become high-achieving members of our diverse society.

Tight-Knit Community and Culture: Together, we’ve created a tight-knit school community that recognizes and values the unique cultures and identities of each of our students, families and staff members. 

High Expectations for Academic Success: We provide authentic, personalized learning through intentional, collaborative and data-driven planning in order to create meaningful and lasting academic success. We aim to prepare each and every Valdez student to be competitive and successful in any secondary school and to go on to attend college. 

Excellent Educators: We have a collective, unwavering commitment to staffing our classrooms with educators who are highly qualified, caring, compassionate and dedicated to excellence. Learn more about our team here.