Applying to Valdez

Valdez is a DPS school and all enrollment is managed by the DPS Office of Choice and Enrollment Services. As such, enrollment is not guaranteed. Interested families MUST apply through the District choice process AND MUST complete a Home Language Survey in the Valdez office.

The following information will be used to prioritize applicants during the Round One SchoolChoice student assignment process.

Note: Only students whose primary language is pre‐qualified by Valdez will be considered. Contact the school at 720‐424‐3310 for more information. No particular type of applicant is guaranteed admission.

1.  District or non‐District resident students with a currently‐attending sibling

2. Children of full‐time employees of the school

3. Students who reside in the Brown or Edison school boundaries

4. District resident students impacted by school closure decisions

5. All other District resident students

6. All other non‐District resident students

Denver Public Schools makes every attempt to accommodate siblings who apply together in the same school year. A separate SchoolChoice form must be submitted for each sibling to be considered.

For more information about the DPS SchoolChoice process, visit